Rob Walker

Rob joined S.R.E. at the launch of the internet version of the station, in 2013.

He has two shows; “The Essential Soul Selection”, which goes out every Monday at 5.00 pm, and is repeated at 8.00 am on Friday’s, and at 12.00pm each Sunday. 

In addition he is also one of the "live" weekday presenters that can be heard on S.R.E. in the evenings.

His live show, “A Better Music Mix” can be heard every Wednesday from 8.00pm, and features predominantly upbeat hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s plus more or less anything that the listeners would like to hear.

Rob Walker

Rob can just about remember listening to the pirate stations in the sixties, and Radio Luxemburg via his transistor radio under the bed covers. Whilst at School, he was an avid “Big L” fan. He progressed to RNI in the seventies, followed by Laser 558 in the eighties, so music and radio played a big part of his formative years.

"Young" Rob, at his first gig
Rob started out as a DJ when he was about 18, and has been
“a DJ for far too long” - according to his wife!

His first gig was with some borrowed hi-fi equipment at a house party for a friend, and after a few years he was working 5/6 nights a week doing either mobile work, or working as a resident DJ in various clubs and pubs, mainly in the West End and North London area’s.

Over the years, Rob has worked with numerous well known national radio DJ’s, and various artists. 

But he still feels the highlights were doing the “warm up’s” for Emperor Rosko on several occasions in the early days, and introducing the late Edwin Starr, at a gig just prior to the new millennium. 

He has introduced several famous acts over the years, but feels the Edwin Star gig was special as he got to speak about Motown and Soul Music to Edwin both before and after the event.

Robs First Disco Decks
Rob’s Current State of the Art Studio ???
Rob Walker
"He sounds much 'younger' on the radio"
“The Essential Soul Selection” and “A Better Music Mix” can be heard on our sister station R.N.I., and his soul show is also broadcast on various other stations on the internet.

In addition Rob in previous decades, also worked on hospital radio in North London.

Outside of radio, Rob enjoys going to live concerts and gigs with his wife Marie, and friends. He also finds gardening to be his escape from the general day-to-day issues of life.  Most Saturday afternoons, and on occasional Tuesday evenings, he can be found following his local football team Stevenage FC, and / or his childhood team, QPR F.C.

If you would like a dedication, or a particular track played, please feel free
to get in touch
with Rob, via the contact details provided in his show.