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Stafford's World launched at the end of May 2006 and we are now over 10 years old.  Thinking back, I'm not really sure how it all came about!

After nearly 10 years of broadcasting shows across Europe on satellite, firstly via EKR and then from Radio Caroline, I just thought it might be a good idea to try to get the show heard in a few other parts of the world. 

For those that have never heard the show, here's a bit of general background information.  

Let's start with the answers to some questions.

Staffords World
What is “Stafford's World”?

“Stafford's World” is a syndicated radio programme which launched at the end of May 2006. The show currently broadcasts via local transmitters in the USA, Germany, New Zealand, Indonesia, Spain, the UK, France and Italy, along with pan-European satellite coverage and worldwide internet coverage

The show is presented by Mark Stafford, and is an extension of the very popular specialist shows which have been broadcast (via Satellite) throughout Europe since 1997, firstly on European Klassik Rock then, from 1999 to the present day, on Radio Caroline. Musically it is an A.O.R. based show covering the spectrum of adult rock and quality pop/rock.

A key features of the show is “The Rock Flashback” this a 90 minute segment of the show, which focuses on a particular month in years gone by. From
this particular month, The Top 10 Rock Singles in America, The Top 10 Rock Albums in Britain and the Top 10 Rock Singles in Britain are featured along with news and headlines from the month in question.  However, the show is certainly not just about “nostalgia”, it features a high proportion of new music from both established artists and new talent.
Mark Stafford

What audience sector is “Stafford's World aimed at?  

The target audience is the 35-65 age-range.

“The Rock Flashback” section will particularly appeal to the older element of this age spectrum as it's features primarily focus on the music of the period from 1966 to 1983.

The new music element of the show will appeal right across the age range with older listeners hearing new music from familiar artists such as Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Mark Knopfler.

While younger listeners will relate to new music from artists such as Train, The Magic Numbers, The Wallflowers, The Goo Goo Dolls and Feeder.

However, the musical aim of the programme is to prove that new modern rock music from the 2000's can happily co-exist alongside the great music of the past four decades.

The past 16 years have proved that you can mix The Beatles with Incubus and Creedence Clearwater Revival with Placebo!

Mark Stafford can be heard on Swinging Radio England at the following times:

Mondays at 12.00 noon,  Wednesdays at Midnight,   Saturdays at 03.00am  
Mark Stafford

Pete Revell

Pete Revell

Pete lives in North Norfolk in England, by the sea, with his wife and three children.

He began his love of entertaining when he was just 15, where he had his own mobile disco, and ran that for 17 years.

Once he finished with the mobile disco, he started his radio career with Chiltern Radio. Moving on  other stations, such as Classic Gold, Capital Life, Hereward FM and Gold.

While working at Classic Gold, he had the pleasure of working alongside some of his hero's. People such as Tony Blackburn, DLT, Paul Burnett and Rosko.  All famous and respected British DJ's, who started their careers in the offshore pirate radio days of the sixties.

As Pete says:

"Radio is in my blood, and I can't live without broadcasting somewhere, somehow."

As the song goes:   "Music was my first love and it will be my last."

Pete can be heard on Swinging Radio England with his  Hits & Headlines show at the following times:   Tuesdays at Midnight, Wednesdays at 2.00pm, Saturdays at 7.00am
and Sundays at 2.00am (UK tme)
Pete Revell

Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen was born in Portsmouth, England, and started his radio career with "Portsmouth Hospital Radio" in 1976, where he read the news and sports results, as well as presenting the occasional music programme.

In 1979, Chris moved to live in Ireland, where he got heavily involved in the pirate radio scene there. Working on a number of stations based in the Irish midlands, going on to own, or part own 4 pirate radio stations. The first of which opened in 1983 and the last of which, a short-wave station which was heard throughout northern Europe, closed in 2008.  At which time Chris Jensen retired completely from radio.

Chris Jensen
Chris Jensen Being an avid music and radio lover, is wasn't long before Chris got the itch to return to radio, though it took until 2016 before he finally took the plunge and made his comeback, and is now producing a presenting a golden oldies programme.

Apart from broadcasting, Chris lists one of his interests as listening to the radio and has, over the years, put together a massive collection of over 1,000 radio recordings from the 1970's and 1980's, encompassing the "Irish Pirate Radio Era" possibly one of the largest private collections of its type in existence.

Chris can be heard on SRE on Sundays at 05.00am & 05.00pm,
and on Fridays at 01.00am

Viv Craggs

“Mouth Meltdown”

There’s nothing complicated about this show, it’s just me sharing some of my favourite tracks, having a bit of a chat and maybe dropping in one or two features as the mood takes me. Typically I play popular music from the seventies onwards.

Why “Mouth Meltdown” ?   Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

Having lived "Down South" for most of my life, my roots are still firmly entrenched in the North East of England, among the beautiful countryside of the Durham and Yorkshire Dales.   I consider myself very lucky as when I was a child my Grandparents had a farm and I had an idyllic childhood as weekends were spent on the farm talking to the animals and playing on the farm machinery - the health and safety police wouldn't allow that these days!   Eventually I had to grow up and get a job  Tear Smiley  

At eighteen I joined the Fire Service where I made some great friends and, as you can imagine, had some very moving experiences.

Life has taken me many places since then, bringing me into radio at a pretty late stage in my life, however I enjoy it enormously, sharing my love of music with my audience and chatting about anything that comes into my head.

Contact details:


Viv Craggs can be heard on SRE at the following times:
Sundays: 08.00am  -  Tuesdays: 3.00pm   -   Thursdays:  11.00pm


Viv Craggs
Viv Craggs
Viv Craggs

Steve Hart

Steve Hart is the host of Just Jazz and plays a mixture of smooth jazz, jazz funk, jazz standards, and classics.

Before training to be a journalist he was a popular nightclub DJ in the 1980s and early 90s, working residencies at UK venues across Essex and Kent.

His experience in broadcasting includes Radio Top Shop, BBC Essex, Essex FM, Basildon Radio, and 10 years as a volunteer at Southend Hospital Radio.

Steve works as a writer and voice over artist, and is a published author.

More profiles to come . . . . .

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