Dave Nicholas

Programme director and technical co-ordinator for Swinging Radio England, S.R.E. presenter, station director for our sister station R.N.I.

Technical wizzard behind S.R.E., Britain Radio, and R.N.I., and resident Hobbit.

Close friend and confidant to a considerable number of radio presenters, around the world, and 
a veritable gold-mine of useless information about virtually everything under the sun.     The list just goes on and on . . . .
Dave Nicholas

RNI owner Garry Stevens says:    "Dave is extremely important to both me and indeed, R.N.I." 

Dave was born in 1951 and lived in Wigan, before moving to Stratford Upon Avon. He began his involvement with presenting music at the age of 15, while still at Grammar School, with lunchtime sessions to raise money for local charities.

He went on to perform on the north-west club circuit, including the legendary Wigan Casino in the early 70's, where he even appeared as part of a stag night.  (No, he wasn't the stripper).

Then Dave spent a couple of years as compere and link, at the famous Tetley-Walker night club in Warrington, and has worked with almost all of the cast of the "Comedians".

Dave Nicholas
He enjoyed a summer season at Layton, Blackpool where he shared a bill with the Nolans!  

In the early 70's, Dave got involved with Hospital Radio in Chorley Lancashire, after being featured from a local club.

In 1974, he started providing commentaries for Stock Car racing at New Brighton, and that led to attending Stock Car meetings at Stadiums from Cowdenbeath, to St Day (a tiny place in Cornwall), also Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. In 1980, Dave covered 141 events, mainly at weekends, between March & November! He did some promotional work with Bill Maynard, (of Heartbeat and Selwyn Frogatt fame), in the 1980's, at Circuits all over the UK.

Dave then went on to work in discos in the Midlands, from 1976 for around eight years.

He made it aboard the Mi Amigo in 1967, after lending a Motown album to Johnnie Walker.  Dave became stranded on-board the ship for two days, because of the weather. His claim to fame is that he was not seasick!

He found RNI, via a Golden Radio email in 2010, for Easter Monday, and then via azanorak.com, where he still uploads all the International service output. He uploads all the Dutch and German output to Golden radio.

Dave says that the passion for music and the great camaraderie with everyone, at both radio stations, is so special, its the best place to be, and he really feels at home. He can't see himself ever doing anything else!

Dave can be heard "live" on Swinging Radio England on Tuesday evenings at 8.00pm, UK time.

He also does a "live" show for RNI on Sundays at 7.00pm, UK time.

In addition, his pre-recorded show, the "International Icebreaker", can be heard each Thursday at 7.00pm on RNI.

Dave Nicholas

In addition to the many hours Dave devotes to radio, he still holds down a day job which sees him working unbelievably long hours, and travelling the length and breadth of the UK representing his company.  Dave is married to Dawn, a very understanding Yorkshire lass, and he is often assisted in the studio by "Jingles", the family pet cat.

" What about Dave Nicholas......? "

A loveable litlle chap, at just over 12 inches tall, (31cm), Dave is often mistaken for a Hobbit, and on the odd occasion, a Garden Gnome. As a result, he sometimes finds himself locked out in the garden for the night.  Not good for man of his stature, or age.

Quite understandably, Dave keeps his actual age a closely guarded secret.  All we can say is, that in Hobbit years, he would be over 350 years old.

A little known fact about Dave Nicholas is that he almost always presents his radio shows standing on the studio chair.  It's the only way he can reach the microphone!  And that's also why you seldom see his WebCam.

What about Dave Nicholas ?

"A lovely warm-hearted man, who has helped, inspired, supported and encouraged - not just me, but so many others. 

And not just in matters concerning radio.  A man whos' energy seems to know no bounds.  
His mischievous "schoolboy" sense of humour is a constant reminder not to take ourselves too seriously".

"All of this and more, makes him someone I am very proud to call a friend"

  Dave Williams